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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Sasha is 2 years old!!!

So I was planning on doing this post last night but we didn't get home until late so here it is one day late! Sasha was born June 24, 2007 and I think that she was meant for me! I wanted a white female and she was the only white female that was born. I waited impatiently for her to get big enough to come home with me and drove them crazy with visits to see her. She finally got to come home and it has been an experience ever since! From the rabies scare, to Sasha not liking my liguistics class ( or text book! ), to someone being their nosy self and wanting to see what was in the bag on the table and ending up with a very messy floor, to seeing my girl hunting mice and catching them and everything in between, it has been so much fun. We are so lucky to have her and to have that endless love of a dog. She will get Frosty Paws for her and her sister tonight and them back to normal life and catching mice!!!

This is my baby now...
One of my favorite pictures of her.

She loves the boat

Just restin and chillin...

I promise I was just trying to help you mom!!!
They were dirty and they smelled sooooo good!

Sasha and Dad having a talk about fishing.

I promise I didn't do whatever it is that you think I did.

First night that I went into my kennel all by myself.

The first day that I was home.

5 1/2 weeks old and Momma is wanting me home!!!

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Mandy Jo said...

TOO CUTE!!!! Jeri turned 2 on June 17th!