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Monday, June 15, 2009

Look at what I am babysitting!!!

Meet Halle! She is 8 weeks old and doesn't even weigh 1 pound yet! She is soooo teeny tiny!

I think that she loves being photographed, it was just hard trying to get her to stay still!

Here is a picture to let you see how small she is next to me and the girls!

I know I have big feet but......

I get to have her for a week and am loving every minute of it! She has personality tonight! She is talking to us like crazy, which is typical for a schnauzer!!! I am going to go and check the kennel tonight. Having her around almost makes me want to get another puppy but then she grabbed hold of my shoes and bit me and I remembered how much those puppy teeth hurt and how glad I am that the girls have grown up! But one day I will want another little one!
Matt's great grandmother fell and we put her in the hospital and she is now in a nursing home. Hopefully she will stay there where people can take care of her. She is 93 and has lived a good life but it is so hard to see her go downhill like she has. That is why I haven't been on here much... Can't wait to get caught back up on everything!!!


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Anonymous said...

When they are puppies the are very adorable. I am real close to my dog and it is tough to see them get old.

The Riddle Family said...

She is adorable!!!!