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Thursday, October 7, 2010

Just Thursday

Outside my window..I see sun. I wish it would go away!!! I am tired and want to be in bed.
The time is..8:58 am

Today I feel..TIRED! I had a long long work day last night.
I am thinking.. I am glad that I am married and don't have to try and find someone.

At the moment, I am thankful.. for my hubby

I am rest this weekend

I am wearing..khaki's, white top and a jacket

I wish..I had today off and could stay home.

I am reading..Life of Pi and Genuine Lies
I am working on..getting homework done.

I am be able to rest this weekend and for the poison ivy to be GONE!!!
I am
I bet you didn't know..I have never gotten poison ivy before but that it kicked my butt this time! I ended up going back to the doctor and being put on oral steroids.
One of my favorite..meals is goulash!!! I am fixing it tonight!
Weekend Plans..
[Thursday] Relax
[Friday] football game maybe, hunt

[Saturday] work, hunt

[Sunday] hunt

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Lyr said...

Hope you got some rest girl!