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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Just Thursday

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Outside my window.. mid 80's right now and rising... Boo :(
The time is.. 9:03 am
Today I feel.. excited. I placed at the fair with my pickles and most everything else I took.
I am thinking.. I am just tired...
At the moment, I am thankful.. that I have the "want-to" to learn how to can. It seems to be a dying art.
I am going.. to start start my actual classes on Saturday! One more year!!
I am wearing.. Khaki's, white cami and a black, white and lavender striped top.
I wish.. I was more rested today. I slept last night but I dreamed and it was dreams that made me restless while sleeping
I am reading.. Jam and Preserves and Life of Pi
I am working on.. school stuff.
I am hoping.. that I can still get the cute 4 oz jars I am wanting.
I am hearing.. radio
I bet you didn't know.. I put 4 pickle recipes in the fair and all four placed! One of the four got top pickle as well!!!!
One of my favorite.. things I can right now is jellies and jams. Christmas gifts!!!
My weekend plans include.. [thursday] getting school stuff ready and making pickles [friday] maybe eating dinner with friends[saturday] school[sunday] pick up my fair stuff, relax and maybe do a little homework.
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Murdock's mama said...

Congrats on placing in all four! That is amazing! I'm thinking I want to get ahold of your goods! :) Thanks so much for linking up! Enjoy your weekend!

Suz said...

Shazam - placed in all four categories - you are an awesome canner! I'd realllllly like to go get some State Fair food. It's a once-a-year thing, so enjoy it, right?

Anonymous said...

Congrats on the pickles! I looooove dill :)

Stopping by from Murdock's Mama

Goldylocks aka Erin said...

Congrats on the pickles!!! One of my goals for next year is to start a vegetable garden....I can't imagine how much $$ we would save.