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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

I am getting deep into school and it is stressing me. But I will persevere. I will make it through. I have been doing homework and watching the weather in Oklahoma. It is snowing one day, sunny the next, ice and freezing rain the next and then sun again for a couple of days. Tomorrow is one of the days that we are supposed to get rain and snow. It is making us one muddy mess. My car looks like it has been off-roading, when all I have been doing is driving down a dirt road!

I got my hubby's valentines day gift. I found 4 plastic (but BPA free) bottles that held 32 ounces for $19. So I got a set for myself too! They have straws and not screw-off lids so we will see which I like better.

Taxes are done and school helped us out quite a bit this year. I am still not understanding how they felt the "stimulus" that they gave us through not taking out as much federal tax is going to help us. We withheld extra, knowing what was coming and I am so glad that we did. Talking to the CPA yesterday we discussed the very upset people that found out they owed instead of getting money back like they normally do. I guess it stimulated their pocket for a little bit but now they are back in the same place they started out - having no money. But the government will gladly take the interest and penalties that they have caused the public....

Okay, I am off my soap box now! Hope that you have a great day and that all is well with your family!!!

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