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Saturday, February 6, 2010

"Her name is YaYa... I lub her"

I have a two and a half year old brother-in-law, B. He is a doll and I have always been a sucker for those eyes. I held him right after he was born and he has had me wrapped around his little finger. I got a text from him mom tonight that made me smile.

"B was telling me about his girlfriend and he loves her. I asked him
what his girlfriends name was... He said "yaya...I lub her.""

Is that not precious. Of course I sent one back that says that I "lub" him too. And the next text that came back was " of course he has been running a fever for two days so he could be delirious". Nice huh! But I love the fact that he loves me that much! Both of these kids are amazing and I do "LUB" them so much.

L couldn't say me name so I became known as YaYa and absolutely love it! Do you have any cute stories about little ones or funny nicknames that they call you? Tell me about it!


Anonymous said...

That was cute. My son who is 7 now when he was younger and just learning to speak for some reason had trouble saying grama so instead say gama.
Well it kinda of stuck and now every one calls her gama.

Life with Kaishon said...

That is SO cute! Oh my gosh. What a great story! Yaya! I don't think he was delirious at all : )

I am stopping over from Mama Kat's Writers Workshop. I used your prompt. Thanks : )

Katie said...

haha you're adorable...and when you get in that "all things trying to conceive" mode, me. I have a lot of girls who do, just for tips, tricks and "HELP!!!!"...and I love being there for people ;)

rashmi singh said...

gr8!my little one started ramblng words lke "ombish-gombish"when she was only 9-10 mths a full sentence was too difficult 4 her!keep writing even we u r stitchin..just kiddin!