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Friday, February 19, 2010

Sorry, so sorry.....

I was going to do better at blogging but this nasty junk going around has kicked my behind! I went to the clinic here a little over a week ago and then went back this week too. I *got* to have chest x-rays both times and the verdict was bronchitis the first time and worse bronchitis the second time. Yay for me! I did a Z-Pack the first time and now am on an oral steroid and breathing treatments. I just wanna feel better. The reason I finally went to the doctor is B. He has been hospitalized now for a week and a half with strep pneumonia. He is undergoing a 7 day round of strong antibiotics and will hopefully be out by this weekend. At two and a half, this has been rough on his body and mom and dad. I am just glad that he is feeling better and not lethargic.

Little AJ is just growing. I have been going through withdrawal since I haven't gotten to see her but her mom has kept sending me pictures so I can keep up. She is almost 10 pounds now!!! They grow up so quick!

School is going good. I have been doing homework nonstop but I know there is an end goal.... I keep telling myself that at least! Well, I will try to do better about updating :)


ForeverRhonda said...

Sorry you are sick! Hope you all get well soon!

Michelle said...

I hate being sick. Hope you feel better soon.

That is so neat that your brother in law is a little guy. If my daughter gets married her husbands sister in law will be under a year. LOL

Anonymous said...

This time of year is very explainable so I would not apologize, it has gotten a hold of the all of us.