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Friday, January 29, 2010

Snow storm January 2010

Living here in Oklahoma we know that the weather can change every five minutes. And we are used to it changing every five minutes. But waiting on the weather is something that we aren't used to at all. So when it said that we were going to get sleet, snow and ice in large proportions we were ready. We had already gone and stocked up on all the essentials (toilet paper, water, candles, birth control, bread, little propane bottles, matches, and anything else that we need or think that we might need) and then we waited, waited, waited and waited..... When I finally went to bed at 10 it was just starting. We were stick in a little keyhole area and didn't get anything when we should have. I tweeted and read blogs to know what was going on in Tulsa with Tasha and in southern Oklahoma with Elizabeth and then tweeted with Kristen who has known me forever. I heard the first two talking about what they were getting and Kristen talking about what her sister was getting but still sat just waiting.... so at 10 last night it started!!!

This morning there was a little bit of sleet that was sticking and then it started snowing and it hasn't stopped snowing since! It is so beautiful but people aren't realizing that it is a wet snow and are sliding all over. Luckily I am inside and able to watch all the crazy people out driving but we will be out in them before long. Thankfully I am not the one who will be driving, I have little patience. I will work tomorrow and then bundle up and get ready to stay inside doing homework and just spending some time at home. As long as we doing lose power I will be fine. I really would like to have the TV on and be able to be on the Internet. But it we do lose power I will gas up the generator and make the hard decision - TV or Internet.... I am sure the TV and the dvr will win!


Miss Wisabus said...

How much did you all end up with? In Norman we are sitting under 1/2 inch ice, 3/4 inch sleet, with 6-8" of snow on top of all that. I was surprised it took so long to get to you guys because you always seem to be the ones who get walloped.

Heather said...

I'm dying to see pictures! I posted some on my blog and will be posting more tomorrow. I hope y'all didn't lose power cuz it sure sucked losing it here. 2" of ice and 4 1/2" of snow did some real damager down here South West of OKC.


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