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Sunday, January 10, 2010

Canadian geese, it's what's for dinner!!!

While I was working and watching the snow, the boys went out goose hunting. As you can see they had a good day and they are back out today. I am going to have to make some goose jerky now! It was snowing these perfect snow flakes and then the sun came out. It made them look like glistening jewels. Then the wind started blowing and it looked like a snow globe out the window. The guys were very cold but prepared and had things to lay on. They said that there were thousands of Canadians and it seemed like they had such a good day. In fact part of the boys went out today again. They came in one shy of their limit. It was a good two days of hunting for them. They enjoyed the "boy" time. Does anyone have any good recipes for goose? That is one of the few wild games that I don't have recipes for.... Hope everyone had as good of a weekend as we have had!!!

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ForeverRhonda said...

My boys stayed home from hunting this weekend...past weekends they haven't had any luck! Looks like they shouldn't have skipped this weekend!!!