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Monday, July 20, 2009


We have been really busy in our neck of the woods and it isn't the kind of busy we want to be. The back story of all this is when Matt and I started dating he had 4 great-grandparents living. That was not grandparents, it was GREAT grandparents. I didn't have any grandparents living and my mom was gone too.... It was neat to get close to these people and get to know them. Granny Tommie was an amazing woman who could make pottery like you couldn't believe. He had a set of great grandparents, Mimi Linn and Papa Burb who took care of him after school. Mimi would make him mush and Papa was always good for a laugh. Mimi passed away 8 years ago and Papa has been gone 5 years now.

He now has one living great grandparent left and we love his Mema Mier. This woman weights maybe 90 pounds and took care of his great grandfather for years after he had a stroke. She wanted him to be where he wanted to so she got nurses to come in and take care of him during the day and she took care of him at night. Those nurses were only there to help her so she could go to work and help support them. She is now 93 and isn't doing the best. Matt has been living with her to help her be able to live at home still but last year it became too much. We had been putting off getting remarried so that she could live in her home still. I won't go into the dirty details but it hasn't been pretty. There are some family members who have shown their true colors and she isn't even gone yet. In the last week and a half family members have decided to step in and make changes. These are changes that should have been made over a year ago but it took her falling and laying there for an extended amount of time for these changes to be made.

I just that my point is, although she is older she still has a will. She has been moved to a town that she doesn't like, away from her home, and away from those who spent the time with her. I am hoping that these family members will step up and take the responsibility instead of running from it. Just please always think when decisions are made and think how they will affect everyone, not just yourself. Although there will be sacrifices, they will be worth it in the end and they can enrich the life of the person they are made for. Although we will be driving 30 minutes at least twice a week the time spent with Mema will be wonderful and the time in the car can be a good thing for Matt and myself to get to talk. I guess we will be killing two birds with one stone! Please sent up some prayers for peace and that she will know when it is time to let go.


Anonymous said...

I am sure she enjoys the visits and I persoanlly feel we should spend as much time as possible with family as we get older, not that I'm saying different when we are younger if that makes any sense.

sarah m said...

That is always so hard. Praying it all goes well!

Thanks for stopping by my blog. I see you are from OK also - where do you live?