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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

That time of year!!!!

I have been getting cucumbers like crazy out of the garden. Family members have been benefiting from the quick growth since I am the only one in our house who likes them. Matt is very picky and doesn't eat very many vegetables but he has been having fun with the garden. I think that he is out there as much as I am! I have tons of tomatoes on the vine but only one is starting to turn. My peppers don't look like they are going to do anything but that is okay. Next year I am going to plant a few different things and organize a bit better. I am going to use cattle panels to let the cucumbers grow up and since I am being told that I am going to plant squash too, I will do the same thing for the squash. I am also being told that I need to plant watermelons too!


September 1st is the opening day for dove season in Oklahoma so I am counting the days - 6 weeks and 6 days. I am thinking that I am going to have to make some dove and dumplins this week. It has been sounding soooooo good!


My friend Brandy expecting in December. She is 18 weeks along and doesn't know what it is yet but I think she has basically decided to use yellow as a base color and then accent once they find out what it is in a couple of weeks. The are trying to start a men's ministry at their church so they had a guys night and watched the UFC fights Saturday night. So us girls got to have a night together. We ran across the border to the "show me state" and ate at a sushi and steak house place in the mall. We had this noodley stuff and rolls. She had chicken noodley stuff with cucumber rolls and I had a seafood noodley stuff with spicy crab rolls. Yummy! We ran to Babies R Us, not realizing that they closed at 9 so we got to shop for 7 whole minutes I think. But we hit the clearance rack first and I got to buy the baby its first gift! I found a set of two yellow silkies that were on clearance and they are smaller so if the baby does get very attached it can drag it all over and not worry about it dragging on the ground. She bought an adorable set of footy pajamas with yellow ducks all over it. I just keep thinking two more weeks and we will know what it is!


I had to find something quick for dinner tonight so before I left I threw a pork roast in with some potatoes. I will let Matt choose between corn on the cob or green beans ( I am sure he will choose corn on the cob) and then I am sure that I will have a little bit of ice cream for dessert!

I am hoping that everyone else is having a great week (It's humpday!!!!) and staying cool!

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Anonymous said...

I love cucumbers, glad the garden seems to be doing well.
Good luck with dove season, I've never hunted them but it sounds like fun.
Tell Brandy congrats on expecting and to take care of herself and keep us posted.