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Thursday, November 13, 2008

Falling and digging....

On Sunday night we were in bed and it was about 3 in the morning. We built the king size bed so that all four of us could sleep in it. Roxy always sleeps at the end of the bed. Right on my feet. Where she can keep me warm. Especially my feet. It is wonderful. We were in bed and I had kinda woke up when the satellite reset itself. All of a sudden there is no weight on my feet....and then something hits the floor. After a little bit I hear Roxy shake her head, her ears flopping. She had fallen off of the bed when she was rolling over!!!!! I giggled like crazy once I realized she was okay and Matt was too. All day I was giggling when I would think about it.

Lately the girls have been coming inside and smelling like dead something. I have been wondering what they have been finding. Tuesday was Veterans day and I wasn't working. I let the girls out for a while since it was such a nice day. I walk out to call them in and Sasha comes running towards me with something in her mouth. The nice girl that she is she dropped it out in the grass and ran on up to the house...You guessed it -- smelling like dead something. I put both of the girls inside and walked out to see what she had dropped. I was looking at it and wandered if they had ripped something apart. Then I see the little tail on the back. I grabbed the tail and picked it up. It was a mole. We have been having issues since we moved in with them digging up the yard. It am absolutely okay with the girls taking care of our problem, as long as they quit coming in smelling horrible!!!! Apparently they like to dig the stuff up, and I am okay with them catching the quick little boogers, I just wish they would quit playing with them for days after!!!

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