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Sunday, November 30, 2008

Our Redneck Tree

My normal routine is to put up my tree the afternoon of Thanksgiving (if not before), but with M being sick I was nice and didn't put him through the torture of the lights and music and all that stuff that I do when I am decorating. So I finally got to put it up today!!!
Here it is!!!!

Yes it is a redneck christmas tree. I have red/white bobbers, red and green shot gun shells and deer antlers on the tree. My next thing to buy will be little bass fish lights for the tree. My tree topper is a deer named "John Deer". The tag has a "poem" that goes like this...

John Deer
Hunting his relatives started this fight,
finding a Winchester may set it right.
So don't mess with John Deer,
'cause this buck stops here!
Now it's man season so stay out of sight!
So here is my tree topper!!!
Our stockings are camo and the girls have stockings that are camo too. What can I say, we are a bunch of rednecks!!! But the most important thing is the girls in front of the tree. Roxy has a friend over named Yogi and they had been playing so I couldn't get Roxy to sit but they love the tree - a little too much!!! The tree skirt I bought off ebay last year from a shelter that had a store and the proceeds helped their shelter. I love christmas and I really love my redneck christmas tree!!!

Only 25 more days 'til christmas!!!!


Redneck Diva said...

Okay, I think the best part of that tree picture is that fact the the glimpse into your bedroom shows guns hanging over your bed. Y'all are freakin' AWESOME! You may have beat us in the Redneck Olympics.

Jennifer said...

OK, I'm loving your redneck tree. We made ornaments out of spent .38 brass this year. It was awesome and good family fun.