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Monday, May 17, 2010

redneck fun

What do you get when you combine a can of paint, an Aim & Flame lighter, a mailbox and a bunch of ants? A whole heapin' bunch of redneck fun!

My favorite Redneck Diva was bringing me a starter to the Amish 30 day friendship bread and I had told her to put it in the mailbox if I wasn't home. So I decided to go out and check the mailbox before she came over.

Now in the country our mailboxes aren't attached to our house, they are out by the road like this.

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And this is all that I could see on the outside and the inside of the box. It was absolutely crawling with the little buggers!

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So we did what any redneck couple would do and grabbed the lighter and a can of paint. This makes a torch of sorts and when you spray it at the ants it "torches" them. So after the tournament we came home and eradicated the mailbox of the ants. I am sure that the mailman will appreciate it and I was still able to be back in time to see my favorite Redneck Diva and get my starter for the 30-day Amish Friendship Cake!!!

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Beth said...

Good Heavens! This is the sort of thing that my son thinks is so much fun and I keep telling him NOT to do!

It reminded me of some people we used to know though. They had a mailbox out by the road like that (Catoosa) and kids kept driving by at night and bashing the heck out of it with a bat. Every time they got a new one it was destroyed quick and he was sick of it. So he bought another new one, filled it with cement, and set it on the post at the end of the row of mailboxes. A few nights later "THUD!" LOL! Problem solved!