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Friday, May 28, 2010

Guess What Answered!!!

I know that some of you were probably thinking that we decided to have a baby, household things, or something girly. If you have read this much you have learned I am not your normal "girly girl". I like to be outside hunting, fishing and although I do normal girl things like cross stitch, embroider and other girly stuff I am a girl who likes to get dirty too!

So now we come down to what I finally talked my husband into.

Any final guesses?????

My cousin responded with an email instead of a comment and she was right. Do you think you have the right answer?

I am telling you that it might shock you, but again, it might not...

Have I changed your mind in what you are thinking???

Okay I will quit teasing and just tell you what it is.

I know it may sound weird but I am so excited to get dirty, greasy and tired working constantly to get this project done. I will be working on a
Tuff Truck!!!!
The guys pictured above are some of the guys who are racing in the area and have offered to help me get a truck up and going. We are going to have to start from the bottom, put a roll cage in it and get a body on it. Then it will be upgrading everything as I can to make it better

Mister has been dealing with my nagging, begging and everything in between for two years. The first year was just saying how much I wanted one but this last year has been the guys also helping me bug him for one. After this last weekend he decided that it would just be easier to give in I think. :) So hopefully next year I will have some awesome pictures of my "new tuff truck" at the monster truck show here in my hometown. I now am on the hunt for a full size truck frame and motor preferably a 350 to get started with. I think that when I told Mister I was going to the salvage yards to start trying to find something suitable and I was going to have one of the boys up in the picture bring it to the house, he realized that I was serious. So he has started talking to others and finding me what I need. Now to move forward with all the work.

I will have to figure out a name to put on the side so that will be the next thing that ya'll will have to help me with. I will have the pink ribbon on it, of course, but beyond that (and the sponsors names that I am trying to get) I am open for suggestions! HELP

Well, I hope you enjoyed my little announcement that I made you wait for!!!


Anonymous said...

You hunt?

I was playing this game on TV: you have to shoot raccoons and squirrels and stuff. No one was around so I tried it...Oh em gee! I accidentally shot a raccoon and freaked!! It was the saddest thing I've ever done; I don't think I could ever go hunting for-real...UNLESS it was to kill flies...any other type of hunting: NEVER EVER EVER. [=

What do you hunt anyway? Chickens? Ducks? Geese? Or, do you just shoot at posters of turkeys and other stuff? [=

CJ Sime said...

Woohoo for you!!! You will have to keep us updated. Though, I guessed a car, I guess I should have said "vehical" instead. I am pretty pleased with myself.