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Sunday, April 26, 2009

Info on my health... Please pray for a friend....

I said that I would get back with you guys on my health so here it is…. My MRI came back fine and mammogram came back fine. I have done some soul searching and have decided to do the genetic testing. I am now going to have to save up and have enough for it. It costs $3200 and although I have double insurance I won’t be able to find out what they will cover until the test is done. I will go in and talk to the doctor in a regular room ( not an exam room ) and talk about everything and if we still decide to do the test I will go to the lab upstairs and have blood drawn. It will then be sent to the lab where they will deal with the insurance and if it is above $375 they will call and look at payment arrangements and if it is below that they will just run it. It should take between 3 and 4 weeks to find out results. If they come back positive we are going to look at having a prophylactic mastectomy and reconstructive surgery later. I just wanted to let ya’ll know and if anyone has any info I would love to know more. I keep researching and finding out new info.
I have a friend that needs your prayers right now. She beat breast cancer 5 years ago and was diagnosed with lung cancer on Friday. I will tell you more in a few days once we know more. We just need prayers to go up right now….

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Jennifer said...

Thinking about you and will add your friend to my prayer list. One of my employees is fighting breast cancer now. It's been traumatic, but she's going to beat it.