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Saturday, March 21, 2009

Spring has sprung!!!

That is my Roxy and as you can see all the green grass hasn't came in yet but it is working on it. The down side to spring for Roxy is the green grass. She is allergic to is and she has started breaking out on her belly again. She got her rabies shot today and she weighs 84.5 lbs. We are going to switch her to adult dog food even though she isn't 2 years yet. She needs to lose about 9 lbs. the vet said. I am okay with that and the adult dog food will help with the lower calories. She isn't fat, she just needs to lose that puppy fat! She will be wonderful in a couple weeks I am sure. We are outside some much that she is running a ton more!!!


Anonymous said...

She's beautiful, I hope her allergies to get to riled up.

Deer Passion said...

Roxie is beautiful! You should be so proud!