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Sunday, July 10, 2011


I am going to start getting on shape and losing weight again. Is anyone else doing the same?

Oklahoma weather has been horrible. 100 degree days that are excruciating and miserable.

I will be back. Have exciting job news to announce!!!!

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Breann said...

Actually yes! I lost all the baby weight and then some while home on maternity leave, then I went back to work and started eating big lunches and sitting still again. I gained 10 back. We have a wedding to go to on the beach in October and I want to be skinny minny again! I have a 15 pounds goal...

Hi I'm Rhonda. said...

I have been trying, but all I've managed to change slightly is my diet. It's too hot to exercise! Yesterday we went to a BBQ and it was 110 degrees out. miserable!