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Saturday, February 12, 2011


On a whim we decided to go rabbit hunting today. The 30+ inches if snow that we have made me want to get out and do anything! We ended up with two rabbits. They were burrowing down and we couldn't get them up. Maybe it will melt and we can go tomorrow!!! That would lower the snow level some. In places there were drifts that were over my waist! That is a strange feeling. Well hopefully I will have more rabbits to show you tomorrow!!!

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heyBJK said...

Congrats on the rabbits! You just need a couple more for a decent meal. That's a lot of snow - doesn't sound like it was easy getting through it.

A Reel Lady said...

Y'all must be in Eastern OK. Our snow on the ground is gone, just not the drifts! Good Luck on gettin rabbits!

Anonymous said...

That must have been a good time to get out and do something to break the couped up feelings.
Congrats on the bunnies.

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